Calendar Pages -- Collector's Corner: The Paa Sin of The Tai People

October 15th, 2005

Collector's Corner: The Paa Sin of The Tai People

Presenter: Else Geraets
10.00 a.m.

The Tai people live in several Southeast Asian countries as well as in Assam, India and in China’s southwestern province of Yunnan and the island of Heinan. Else Geraets visited many of these Tai groups in their villages in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Yunnan and has collected textiles from these regions.

She will display the paa sin, or skirt, of the Tai people and explain their motifs and designs. She will also point out the characteristic of each group’s paa sin and how they differ from each other. A paa sin gives much information about the woman who wears it, such as her village of origin, her age, her marital status and sometimes even the family that she was born into.

Although at present it is no longer possible to read all of this information in the phaa sin, these cloths still convey fascinating details regarding the different Tai groups.

Donation: B100 members and B200 non-members

Else Geraets