Calendar Pages -- Lecture: "Symbolisms of Thai Yuan Textiles"

October 28th, 2005

Lecture: "Symbolisms of Thai Yuan Textiles"

Speaker Dr. Udomporn Somporn
At: Araya Hall, Jim Thompson House
10:30 a.m. – noon

Dr. Udomporn, a native of Ratchburi province, is a national award winner for his work in the preservation, conservation and promotion of Thai folk art and culture. He is also author of the book "Thai-Yuan Textiles from Ratchburi" Twice, the United Nation has invited him to train weavers in East Timor

Through his dedication to the preservation of Thai culture and heritage, he has worked closely with the Office of the Secretary General of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Education’s Department of Fine Arts.

Dr. Udomporn earned his Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts degrees from Chulalongkorn University. He received his Honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Moon Baan Jormbeung Rajabhat University.

Dr. Udomporn is founder of the following organizations:
"Inherit Textile Center, Ratchburi province"
“Village Handicraft Center"
"Kaset Tai - Yuan Ratchburi Cooperative Ltd."
"Teaching Weaving" by Hand/High-Tech

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