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May 08th, 2010

Jim Thompson Art Center - “Needlework: Different Styles from the Tropics and Europe

"Needlework: Different Styles from the Tropics and Europe"

May 8th & 15th, 2010 - William Warren Library, Henry B. Thompson Building

The Jim Thompson Art Center cordially invites you to the workshop “Needlework: Different Styles from the Tropics and Europe”, where a variety of needlework techniques will be presented on Saturday, May 8th and 15th, 2010, from 1-5 pm., at William Warren Library, Henry B. Thompson building. This education program is part of The Tropics exhibition.
During the workshop, attendants will have a chance to view The Tropics: Views from the Middle of the Globe exhibition, being held at the Jim Thompson Art Center. Thereafter, there will be seminar on basic needlework, as well as its history, evolution, needlework design and color theory. After viewing images of Eastern and Western antique needlework and colorful textiles, the participants will be
encouraged to create their own needlework using a variety of techniques, and by applying them to different textiles, such as woven textiles, embroidered textiles, and printed textiles. This exercise will focus on comparing Asian and European color tones in order to be able to reflect upon and differentiate neddlework styles from Tropical and European countries.

Each participant will create two needlework pieces; one will represent Asian color tones and the other will be a European example. 
The approximate size will be 15x21cm.     

This workshop will be led by Gorapin P. Likitkijsomboon. Gorapin’s has been very interested in needlework since elementary school. She has studied about textiles and needlework over many years. Fascinated by this art form, Gorapin became an instructor for classes called “The joy of needlework” and “Applied needlework”.  She has also written a book called ‘Kwam Suk Bon Sen Dai’, or Happiness of Needlework.  

Registration Fee: 1000 per person, including equipments and snacks

Note: Participants should attend both days of the workshop

For further details and reservation, please contact the Jim Thompson Art Center

Tel: 02-612-6741, 02-219-2911