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October 30th, 2010

Tai Banners From Laos & Vietnam

Tai Banners From Laos & Vietnam0

Tai Banners From Laos & Vietnam

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Please join the Thai Textile Society  for a "Collectors Corner Event" at Ayoraya Gallery.  The Society will have the privilege to view a display of part of Keosiri Everinghams' and Khun Chomporn Dhanesnittayas' collections. 

The Tai people live in several regions of Southeast Asia, and share a rich tradition in textiles.  Banners have been woven as offerings to temples and used in festivals.  They can be found in Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.  The patterns woven in ceremonial banners reflect the beliefs and myths of the Tai people. We’ll have the opportunity to view 80 -100 banners from Laos and Vietnam with a small selection from Thailand.

Khun Chomporn, the owner of the Ayoraya Gallery and member of the Thai Textile Society Steering Committee, will present a short talk about the Tai people, their history, beliefs, and the designs, motifs and colors that distinguish each group according to the environment in which they live.



 Ayoraya Gallery

7/4 Soi Soon Vichai

New Petchaburi Road




 10:00 am




Members: B200

Non-Members: B300