Calendar Pages -- A visit to Old Phuket & The Annual Vegetarian Festival

September 30th, 2011 to October 02nd, 2011

A visit to Old Phuket & The Annual Vegetarian Festival

A visit to Old Phuket & The Annual Vegetarian Festival0


A Visit to Old Phuket


Witness Part of the Annual Vegetarian Festival

Leader: Khun Kanitha Kasina-Ubol, General Manager

Friday, 30 September - Sunday, 2 October 2011


By early Western visitors was often called “Junk Ceylon”, is an old community which a very distinctive history, looking more to trading opportunities in the Bay of Bengal and later with Penang. The people now comprise Muslims of Malay origin, migrants from mainland China, animistic sea gypsies (sometimes known as Moken and who speak a form of Malay), Indian and Arab traders, as well as native Thais of southern Thailand. The neighbouring provinces in the late 19th century were grouped administratively in Monthon Phuket, but Phuket is now the only island in Thailand to be a separate province. Nearby are found prehistoric paintings, early Brahmanistic statues and other historic remains. The island’s wealth was derived from the expansion of tin and rubber trade in the 19th century. More recently tourism has become the major industry, thanks to the island’s the fine sandy beaches along the West coast which attract visitors all the year round. The centre of Phuket town has retained some of its old charm, despite of much recent buildings in concrete and glass. There are still many fine examples of late 19th and early 20th century Sino-Portuguese houses and some magnificent mansions, formerly the homes of wealthy merchants.

The Vegetarian Festival:

At the start of the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar, usually in September - October, a nine-day vegetarian festival is held to mark the start of the month during which Daoists abstain from eating meat in order to purify themselves and to earn merit. The festival is centred around Phuket town. The festival includes lively street processions and dancing, together with astonishing acts of mortification and penance, including walking on hot coals and piercing the cheeks with sharp stakes. This festival is one of Phuket’s major annual events, and its observance started with migrant Chinese workers in the 19th century at local Chinese temples.

Booking Details:

A contribution of Bt. 21,500 (Bt. 22,500 for non-members) is solicited to cover the cost of hiring the bus, 7 meals, entrance fees to temples and a museum, air tickets (Bangkok – Phuket – Bangkok) by Thai Airways Int., two nights at hotel (two persons per room) and other arrangements to make this trip possible. An additional sum of Bt. 3,000 is requested for a single room.

Please pay by cash or cheque (payable to ‘The Siam Society’).Alternatively you can deposit/transfer the money to the Siam Society travel account at the Thai Military Bank, Asoke Branch saving account no. 053-2-18000-7. Please fax or e-mail the deposit or transfer docket to us. There is a 4% surcharge for credit/debit card payment to cover bank charges.

Optional: Deduction of Bt. 7,500 for members who do not required an air ticket (Bangkok – Phuket – Bangkok).

The Siam Society reserves the right to change the programme as necessary.

Please book your place as soon as possible.

For further information and bookings please contact Khun Prasert or Khun EkkarinTel.0-2661-6470-7 Fax.0-2258-3491 or e-mail: The Society office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday