Calendar Pages -- May 2017 TTS Co-Share with NMV - A Lecture by Dr. Linda S. McIntosh

May 25th, 2017

May 2017 TTS Co-Share with NMV - A Lecture by Dr. Linda S. McIntosh


"Pha Mai Kham: Ceremonial Textiles of Buddhist Groups of the Mekong's Left Bank"

By Dr. Linda S. McIntosh

Thursday, 25th May, 2017

This presentation will focus on the ceremonial textiles of groups living on the left bank of the Middle Mekong River or Laos. Most of the population in the adjacent plains are Lao, Tai Phuan, and Phuthai, and the Lao continue to be the political majority. Inspired by the luxurious brocades imported from India, local weavers began to produce their own versions of these textiles held in high regard. Like the imports, the locally woven versions have a silk ground decorated with continuous supplementary technique. Discontinuous supplementary technique was also applied, but it was difficult to manipulate beaten metal or metal-wrapped threads. Women raised silkworms for silk, but the metal threads – beaten and stretched into long strips or wrapped around a core such as a silk thread - were imported from China and India. Thus, a weaver had to have access and the means to these valuable materials. The amount of metal thread in a weaving often depended on the wealth of the producer. Garments containing patterning in metal threads include tubular skirt or sin and shoulder cloths.

About Dr. Linda S. McIntosh

Dr. Linda S. McIntosh is a researcher of Southeast Asian textiles, focusing on weavings of Tai groups. Her doctorate is from Simon Fraser University, Canada, and the textiles of the Phuthai living in South Laos, was the subject of her thesis. She has written extensively on different aspects of textiles and cultures of Southeast Asia. Her forthcoming book focuses on the textiles and regalia of Indonesia and is entitled, “Thread and Fire: Textiles and regalia from the islands of Indonesia and Timor.”

Venue:  Westin Grand Hotel   -   The State Room, 8th floor
            (Corner of Soi 19 and Sukhumvit Road - BTS Asoke or MRT Sukhumvit)
Time: 10:30 am  (New time)

Members of Museum Volunteers and Textile Society: B200 & Non-members: B300

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