Calendar Pages -- Collector's Corner: Textiles All Dolled Up!

June 16th, 2007

Collector's Corner: Textiles All Dolled Up!

The home of Irma GustafssonAt 10:30 am

Experience the rare opportunity to meet an artist and her fascinating work. Longtime Bangkok resident Irma Gustafsson who for many years ran a very successful Scandinavian design export business has agreed to host the Thai Textile Society's Collectors Corner in her beautifully decorated townhouse. We will visit her work area to learn how she creates one-of-a-kind theme dolls that can measure up to one meter in height.

From a Russian count to a 19th century French femme fatale, each of her character dolls is brought to life with her artistic touch and amazing sense of detail. Irma searches the local markets and back streets of Bangkok to find textiles, beading, braids and ornaments to create these unique European figures. Learn how she creates the various heads with special facial expressions, sews the body out of cloth and then assembles each part by hand.

Space is limited so sign up early!

The visit is limited to 15 persons and reservations must be made in advance. These can be made at

Members only: B200