Calendar Pages -- Collector's Corner: Hill Tribe Embroidery

January 27th, 2007

Collector's Corner: Hill Tribe Embroidery

At 10:30 am

The Southeast Asian region is rich with hilltribes who are colorfully attired. Some of these tribes apply embroidery to their clothing, a skill that is culturally important to the young women of the tribe. In fact, a woman’s personality is appraised by the kind of work that she is able to produce. We’ll have the opportunity to view the private collection of Khun Sumiko Chotikavan of embroidered hilltribe garments. These include shirts, jackets, skirts, pants, children’s hats and an assortment of other items. Sumiko will also show us wall hangings, reproductions of old masterpieces that are dazzling, produced by well-known artists who use the influence of various hilltribes in their work. Sumiko is the owner of the long-established hilltribe store, Golden Triangle. The items that she’ll bring are however her private collection that are kept at her home. They include antique clothing items from the Hmong, Mien (Yao), Akha and Karen from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and China. Location: New home of Keosiri Everingham  -

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