Calendar Pages -- Collector's Corner: Woven Pasins and Shawls from Laos and Cambodia

September 16th, 2006

Collector's Corner: Woven Pasins and Shawls from Laos and Cambodia

Presented by Chomporn Dhanesnittaya
10:00 am

Pasins, known as sarongs in some Asian cultures, are the skirts that women wrap around their hips. These come in silk as well as in cotton, displaying a variety of weaving techniques. Khun Chomporn started collecting textiles about twenty years ago with the purpose of decorating her home. She has now amassed an impressive collection of textiles from all over Asia, however the focus of her presentation will be pasins and scarves/shawls from Laos and Cambodia, with a few additional examples.

Favoring bright colors, in particularly red, many of the items in her collection have one shade of red or another in them. A number of pieces are heirlooms (most of them 80 years and older) and it is amazing to see their excellent state. Khun Chomporn explains that family heirlooms were wrapped carefully and kept in dark and dry places only to be used on rare occasions and for this reason they retain their original beauty. The Lao are talented weavers and we’ll see many of their handiworks, both old and new, using supplementary weft, brocade and other techniques. The Cambodian excelled in ikat silk weaving with some pieces so fine that they can be pulled through a ring. Many of these silk were used as hip wrappers.

We shall meet at an art décor store that Khun Chomporn opened three months ago
7/4 Soi Soonvichai, New Petchburi Road

Going east on Petchaburi Rd (like coming from Soi Asoke)
Go up to Soi Soonvichai, it is on the left, also called Petchburi Soi 47

Turn left, cross railroad tracks go to the end and turn left again, Follow the signs to Bangkok Hospital

Go to the end and turn right, go to the end where you’ll see a sign in front of you Italthai Food & Beverage

Turn left and stop at the 3rd or 4th house on the left painted bright pink and set back in the yard. It is just before the shop of Chateau de Loi wine shop with its Rooster emblem.

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