Calendar Pages -- Dedication of "The Bann Khu Bua Museum" at Wat Khlong Suwanakiri, Khu Bua, Ratchaburi District

May 06th, 2006

Dedication of "The Bann Khu Bua Museum" at Wat Khlong Suwanakiri, Khu Bua, Ratchaburi District

Leaders: Ruth Gerson & Vipasee Smitthipong

It was 202 years that the Tai Yuan people of Chiangsaen in northern Thailand, have migrated to settle in various areas such as Luang Phrabang in Laos, Nan, Lampang, Chiangmai, Ratchaburi, and Saraburi. The Tai Yuan have adhered to their traditional way of life and maintained their own identity. To ensure that their culture will live on, it was decided in 1999 to build a museum that would help to preserve their culture. The museum was named Jipata Pan Sataan Baan Khu Bua or Baan Khu Bua Miscellaneous Museum where artifacts belonging to the Tai Yuan and to the older Mon culture of the 6th-10th centuries that preceded them are on display.

Among the exhibits are pieces of terra cotta sculpture and ancient beads found near the 6th century Dvaravati chedi that stands within the temple’s compound. There is also a vast collection of textiles of the traditional Tai Yuan weaves, some displayed in showcases, others in specially designed drawers, among them pieces of Jok, the discontinuous supplementary weft weaving. There will be a weaver demonstrating the local weaving technique.

The man behind this project is Achan Udom Somphorn, a well-known weaver and textile expert, who contributed his ideas for the design of the building and the display within it. The Museum is truly a community effort where everyone pitched in to help, either in work, donating artifacts or raising funds.

Schedule for the day:


Depart from Dusit Thani Hotel in Bangkok

9:30 - 9:45 arrive in Khu Bua’s Wat Khlong Suwanakiri
10:00 Worship ceremony of house spirits and Tai Yuan ancestral spirits, conducted by a medium
11:00 Offer food to the monks
10:00 - 12:00 viewing the exhibits in the Museum
12:00 Leave Wat Khlong, will stop to shop for local weaving (if shops are open, as all local weaver will attend the opening ceremony of the museum).
12:30 Lunch in Ratchaburi city
1:30 Depart to visit a modern factory where jacquard looms are used
2:00 Arrive at Satin Textiles factory, explanation and tour of weaving and dyeing facilities
3:30 Leave for Bangkok
5:00 (or a bit later) arrive in Bangkok

Cost: B1000 members, B1300 non-members.
Reserve at or 
giving your name and phone number. Cancellations will be accepted until the evening of May 3rd, after which you’ll be charged.

Dress light as it is going to be very hot.